A majority of Massachusetts Bay Lines passengers include tourists from other cities. People traveling to Boston for either a week-long or weekend trip, are trying to explore the city and catch a glimpse of some of it’s most beautiful and historically significant landmarks. If you have yet to book a trip with Mass Bay Lines there is a good chance you may still be debating what avenue you should use for a tour. Consider the below a debate ender; a pleasant, affordable and happy ending if you will.

Mass Bay Lines harbor tour via boat vs. hot crowded street bus. It’s your call! And YES, this is an admittedly biased, yet none the less correct perspective.


You can walk around Boston to view some of its landmarks but there is no way to see what Mass Bay Lines can show you in less than 90 minutes unless you take a cruise! Mass Bay Lines shows you the Constitution, Castle Island, Old North Church, Fish Pier, Boston’s Inner Harbor, The Nantucket Lightship, Logan airport with fly-overs and more! All views are unobstructed from topside or within an enclosed deck with large windows. Oh yeah and there is a bar!
Uber, walking or the MBTA may quickly get you to any one location that a bus will take you, but during the summer, given Boston’s humidity you’ll need to find a park for a nap in- but don’t crack a frosty beverage in the streets or parks unless you want a tour of an original Boston Police station.


During a hot summer day in Boston, there may be nothing more relaxing and needed then taking a boat ride through the harbor. With the ocean beneath you and with the wind in your hair you can truly enjoy the summer time weather.When strapped in a bus, it can get stuffy crowded and really hot. Many vacationers spend a large part of their trip on the streets of Boston, so why not take a break and enjoy a breezy day along the water. And enjoy your views with a cool beverage in one hand and sun tan lotion in the other.

As an outsider looking in, I would assume that cruising around Boston Harbor would be much more expensive then taking a bus tour. Believe it or not Mass Bay Lines offers affordable and family-friendly prices that often beat out the price of a bus tour. Kids ride for Free, and group discounts count.


Mass Bay Lines has a wide range of harbor cruises that lets you enjoy the city like no other business can provide. We offer pirate ship cruises, sunset cruises, comedy cruises, award-winning band cruises and more. Join us for a lunch tour with a picnic from home, or spend an hour reading a steamy novel.

Options in a bus usually include sitting in an aisle seat or window. Standing is optional, occasionally. Hopefully you brought your own bevvies, and a snack! Reading a book may make you ill.

Mass Bay Lines has a lot to offer and would to show you the way of Boston. For more information about any of our cruise offerings, please feel free to give us a call at 617-542-8000.