Boston Harbor Cruise Take-Alongs

We want your trip with us to be perfect! Before you set sail for the day or evening, please find some helpful hints as to how you might BEST prepare and get the MOST out of your voyage! Review Our TEN BEST ideas for a Boston Harbor Tour.

  1. Remember to layer up– offshore breezes or rain can arrive unannounced. Although we have completely enclosed decks, why step out of the elements because of a slight breeze. Windbreakers and Fleece vests are always a great idea.
  2. Sometimes boat rides are so relaxing people fall asleep, consider bringing a neck pillow or a watch with a timer so that you can squeeze in a nap, in comfort!
  3. Books, real books, the kind that settle nicely into a hand and don’t require a magnifying glass to read. YES, check the NYTimes for Summer’s BEST reads and bring one along. Magazines are also great.
  4. Technology is our friend, and social media our lover. However consider this time to be techFREE zone, instead cultivate deeper friendships and ongoing serendipity by chatting with your companions or meeting others from away. Besides WiFi only works intermittently.
  5. Food, yes, you will get hungry. It’s almost guaranteed. Something about the fresh air and sea breezes. Although we do have a wonderful concession for snacks and beverages we also allow budget conscious soccer Moms and ballet Dads to pack a picnic basket of all your favorite treats!
  6. Arrive early. Although we think we are easy to find, sometimes for the first-time visitor it can be whelming. So set aside an extra half-hour for finding our terminal, converting an online ticket to a boarding pass or making sure Bobbie remembered the sunblock and camera from the car!
  7. Speaking of cameras– you absolutely MUST bring one! This is picture-worthy heaven. From historic places to passing schooners to ear to ear smiles on your children’s faces to selfies: You will want to capture and share these images with friends and family NOT lucky enough to be there!
  8. Shoes, an all important feature of any vacation, should be closed toe. Sandals are allowed but can be difficult if you’re going up and down ladderways (stairs, to you landlubbers) and besides you might UNexpectantly get a sun burn. Crocks are great, as our boat shoes– thus the name! I like converse sneakers myself.
  9. SUNBLOCK– note the all caps typeface! As we all know by now the ozone has some problems it didn’t use to have. Stay and Plat safe when outdoors – and especially on boats. Those cool breezes will give you a false sense of not getting a lot of sun. Oh contrare! Or rather OUCH contrare!!
  10. Water, stay hydrated, please. As noted under sunblock, that bright orb we know as the SUN will pull all your hydration right out of you. Fear not, fortunately we sell bottled water at our concession stand along with other tasty cold beverages. Your body will thank you. So will our concessionaire – if you leave a tip!
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