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Pirate Themed or Knot


Join The New Craze!

Massachusetts Bay Lines provides people a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour Boston Harbor aboard a pirate ship. This is no regular Boston Harbor cruise, but it is a Boston Harbor adventure.

Imagine walking down a wharf, stepping onto a pirate ship, and becoming a pirate!! Join the crew… join the party! Your captivating interactive experience is enhanced by the pirate crew’s entertaining and informative manner. Engaging guests, young and old alike, telling sea stories, playing sea shanties and firing the cannon.

The professional crew is made up of enthusiasts of pirates, patriots, privateers and other sea rovers looking every bit the part of “Living History” and “Pirates Life for Me”, giving a glimpse of what colonial life at sea was like.

Pirate Harbor Tour

Sunny Day During Pirate Cruise

Come enjoy wicked awesome views of Boston Harbor and its historical highlights. Our 1 hour-45 minutes narrated Tall Ship harbor tour will show you the popular and famous sights of Boston Harbor

Pirate Sunset Cruise

Sunsets are magical and magnificent. At the end of a long day, imagine stepping aboard pirate ship Formidable and soaking in Boston’s majestic skyline. The heat and stress of the city slip away as the sun slowly sets, providing a magical setting with the sunset colors fading to a twilight sky as the city comes alive with lights. Our two hour narrated sunset cruise will highlight popular and famous scenes of Boston Harbor from both past and present.

A Pirate's Life For You!