Mass Bay Lines hosts a large number of birthday parties each and every year aboard their Boston Harbor Cruise Ships. Each party is unique in its own way based off the number of people, what attire they like to be dressed up in and also the attendees ages.

If you are looking at hosting a party aboard a Mass Bay Lines ship, consider some of our fun and wild party themes. Before we begin revealing our wild and crazy party themes you may not have considered for your BIRTHDAY, let me explain the FOUR major component pieces we will address in each category. They include:

Costumes - What to Wear is an all-important feature of any themed party, it creates a mood, allows for a memorable night and makes for AWESOME pics across Social Media the next day. Costumes also lift everyone’s spirits, especially after a long week. Remember: even the devil wears Prada.

Invites - YES, that’s the answer you want from the invited. You could just send an evite or text everyone or post to certain friends on FB. However, mailed invites pique interest and tells everyone- this is going to be different! Be different, take the road rarely traveled.

Food - With so many choices in Boston, and the ability to carry on your own food (Grandma Palumbo’s lasagna, or Uncle Harrys Pork Dumplings)with Mass Bay Lines, this is where you can really nail it! Food is the most important feature of a GREAT event and will elicit the oven-warmed comments from guests. If you want this to be a well-attended annual event
do not cheap-out on this!

Music - Whether you’re going with a LIVE band or asking your cousin Vinnie to DJ, make sure someone in the party is tasked with creating a playlist of UNexpected music which will cause everyone to Play Harder and Dance with Abandonment!