FIVE Mistakes Every Party Planner Should Avoid

Are you a Special Event Planner? Do you have the responsibility of throwing an Award-Winning charity event, or tasked with ensuring the Millennial interns feel like the CEO they envision themselves to be? Does the idea of hosting your beloved, and particular, parent’s 50th wedding anniversary have you wishing you were adopted by a confirmed bachelor?

If you answered YES to any of the above I have some GOOD news for you! Just below I offer five tips for making sure your event is a SPECIAL event. In this blog post I will review the FIVE mistakes every event planning novice makes and by avoiding them- it moves you much closer to not calling in sick the next day because you can’t face your colleagues, or moving out of the house because your parents, finally, put you up for adoption- at 34 years of age.

5. On the Rocks. Do NOT ever forget that not everyone drinks alcohol. Especially these days. Too often so much thought is given to the liquor concerns that people forget to order sparkling water, juice or diet soda. And take special care to order the good stuff. Just as you would not offer Smirnoff Vodka (is that still even available) nor should you order nondescript coco cola, or run of the mill Orange Juice.

4. Dress the Part. Too often the host/ hostess is so involved in preparing the event that she/ he forgets to set aside a GREAT outfit for themselves. Yes, everyone will understand but it is like forgetting the tuxedo/ gown clad toppers on a wedding cake. It is expected that you are the BEST dressed, setting the tone for all others. Do not forget to set aside ONE hour before the event to take care of yourself! Besides you deserve it.

3. Prepared Remarks. Even if it is not planned for you to give a speech, something may come up- including accidents, delayed flights, stage fright or illness that prevents the original speakers from speaking. Save the day and take to the stage with confidence and grace. Recite a relevant poem, offer a quote that strikes a chord, perhaps sing a brief sea chanty0- and then offer a paragraph or two of your thoughts. Naturally prepared in advance- like a day or two in advance. Do not wait till the last minute.

2. Food Good. Event event planners NEED to eat. Energy requires fuel. And on this important day you will be burning through energy like a rocket leaving Cape Canaveral. If you are able have a BIG breakfast, early. And then snack along the way. Keep handy fruits, nuts, vegetables. Avoid coffee. Plan ahead a real break- have a cup o calming tea, some honey and a biscuit with a good friend. Or go for a quiet walk- even if just for 20 minutes. Breath.

1. Expect the Unexpected. Seasoned event planners know that not everything is ever going to go as planned. In fact, they fully anticipate that something will go wrong. horribly wrong. Real examples: The florist’s driver quit; The cake lady fell down the stairs and is getting her hip replaced; the comedian was drunk, too drunk, yes again.
The best thing you can do is have contingency plans at the ready for those major mistakes, not the minor, so that when the inevitable happens you simply dial up another florist, baker or have someone read some funny jokes from a book that you brought along! Impromptu Open Mike always works too- with specified time limits. Everyone has an Uncle Harry that is not nearly as funny as he thinks he is.

Here at Mass Bay Lines we have a list of preferred vendors that include caterers and florists and, yes, comedians that we trust. Allow us to assist in your planning needs so that you don’t have to call in sick the next day at work or find yourself in the awkward position of being adopted later in life.

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