Since the begging of time pirate ships have caused havoc through the seas. Traveling through the miles of water taking anything that they wanted. While the classic wooden pirate ships from hundreds of years ago may no longer be an active force in the ocean, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hop aboard one and enjoy the Boston Harbor on a cruise.

Mass Bay Lines would like to formally introduce our new “Formidable Broadside”. Our tall ships cruises have been extremely popular so far this summer and we are looking forward to more people enjoying this new attraction. The formidable ship is perfect for cruises for all ages.

Formidable Dimensions

Length of Ship: 72’
Length of Deck: 50.4’
Beam: 17’
Total Passengers: 49
Engine: 160 HP Yanmar

pirate ship formidable

Mass Bay Lines provides both a tour around Boston and a sunset cruise aboard the formidable. Click the “learn more” text below for more details, ticketing options and more with Mass Bay Lines.

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