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    What amenities are available on board?

    There are restrooms on board and power oultets available for your use.

    What are ticket prices for children?

    Kids prices are listed with the tickets for each cruise and tour.

    Are there ATMs on board?

    Yes, there are ATMs on every vessel.

    What do I do if I printed my ticket online?

    You will need to redeem your online paperwork for a boarding pass before embarking on vessel. Please arrive 30 minutes early.

    Can I bring my own food and drinks?

    Yes, you are welcome to bring your own food. However, outside drinks are not allowed.

    How long has Mass Bay Lines been operating?

    We have been bringing folks good times on the harbor since 1963. Click the Our Story tab to read our full story of how we started over 55 years ago!

    What drinks are available on board?

    Our drink selections include beer, wine, mixed drinks, and soft drinks.

    Is there parking?

    We do not have our own dedicated lot. That would be a business all on its own! However there are several parking lots nearby.

    Can I rent an entire vessel?

    Yes! Our vessels are available for private charter, and run a fraction of the cost of a similarly-sized and -appointed venue on land. Call our office to find out more: 617-542-8000.

    Can I jump overboard?

    NO! Please do not do this! Not only is it very dangerous for a slew of reasons, but it is also a federal offense. You will be arrested and charged. The dip in the harbor is not worth it.

    Where is Mass Bay Lines located?

    We are located at Rowes Wharf, just seaward (behind) of the beautiful Boston Harbor Hotel. Find us on the maps! The best way to find us using an online map is to enter 400 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110.

    Will Mass Bay Lines help support my charity/cause?

    We are happy and proud to support a number of charities through various means, including freebies to give away! Some of our favorite charities with which we’ve been involved are ‘The Boston Harbor Association’ and ‘Save the Harbor, Save the Bay’. Send a request!