On Friday night, June 16 th, 2017 an event will occur that will astound and delight sailors young and old. Not unlike the rare Aurora Borealis, this event occurs often without much advance notice. Usually the lucky few who saw it regale their friends and family after the event, never before. It is like a well-kept secret, shared only in whispers. BUT not this year! Mass Bay Lines has decided to take to the rafters and declare with the voice of a mighty wind: “The Tall Ships are Coming, the Tall Ships are Coming” (here’s the juicy part). They will gather nearly fifty strong! At the edge of Boston Harbor, the night before the Grand Parade of Sail, and with anchor balls hoisted high into the rigging and anchor lights lifted aloft as well, these massive ocean leviathans will stir emotions and awaken ancient primal maritime passions! Book your tickets today for this lesser known highlight of a week filled with maritime pomp and passion.

Departures are at 0730pm SHARP, returning at 1030pm. Cash bar will be available.

Embark On The Anchorage Viewing Tour!

Date & Time:Friday, June 16th from 7:30pm-10:30pm

Cost: Adults (18-59): $75.00

Cost: Student (13-17 w/ valid ID) / Senior(60 and up): $60.00

Cost: Children (6-12): $45.00

Cost: Toddler (5 and under): $10.00