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Pirate Ship Formidable Setting Sail

Sailing Cruises

Mass Bay Lines provides many ways to enjoy one of the more unique experiences on Boston Harbor with our tall ship, the Formidable, a replica 18th-century privateer vessel. With pirate themed historic harbor tours and sunset cruises, the captain and crew will edu-tain you with facts and stories of Boston and Boston Harbor, both past and present. The Formidable is also available for private charters, pirate themed or knot!

Book Private Charters

What better way to have an unforgettable experience than to book your own private charter on Boston Harbor? Mass Bay Lines vessels are unique entertainment venues for your corporate events, private parties, special events, and music or concert cruises. Our party planners make it simple to book your own event on our boats, so all you have to do is start with an email or phone call with us! With charter rate starting as low as $650/hour, our boats are an affordable option for any budget!

Music City Queen available for charters
Freedom Party Boat Cruise

Cruises & Tours

Whether this is your first time in Boston, or you live down the street, our public tours and cruises are a great way to “Sea” Boston from a whole new perspective! Mass Bay Lines offers daily, weekly, and special holiday cruises and tours for everyone to experience Boston Harbor on a boat in an affordable way. Sail with pirates, have date night on our sunset or moonlight cruise, or enjoy local craft brews with coworkers and friends on our Thirsty Thursday after-work cruise!

Music Cruises

Are you a DJ or live band? Or are you an entertainment promoter? Then book your own floating concert. With over 55 years experience with concert cruises and vessels holding up to 380 passengers, rock the boat full of your best fans. Our vessels are unique entertainment venues for your concerts, so email or call us to book a gig!

Music and Concert Cruises at Mass Bay Lines

Our Fleet

The Mass Bay Lines fleet is made up of six boats, all distinct from one another, and excellent venues for a variety of events and party sizes.

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Have any questions or concerns? Or are you interested in renting one of our boats as a venue for your next party or event? Then contact us by filling out the Contact form, or call us at 617-542-8000 and one of our representatives will happily help you!

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