Host Your Special Event or Celebration on our Private Charters!


Special Events as defined by Mass Bay Lines are those events that do not fit neatly into other preformed categories. In addition, these events are SPECIAL in that it is desired that they have a special, or more specifically, warm and tingling, outcome.

Some obvious Special Events that come to mind include those that mark a holiday such as: Valentines Day, Fourth of July, Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, NYE, or Boxer Day for you Brits or Canadiens. (See our tab under Holiday Events)

On many of those dates Mass Bay Lines hosts public parties; however you may considering assembling a private one for your own posse!


Another meme for a Special Event is a Workation for the hardworking interns before they return to college- great PR and HR consideration! Debut of a product or a service; are you a budding fashionista or ETSY wannabe- host a product launch! Got a new craft beer or wine label you want to test- start pouring during a sunset tour. Maybe your MeetUp group needs some spicing up- bring along your own chili and chess boards and host your tournament aboard our boat. In a word: Winning!

Other Special Events may include those marking an ending or beginning: Divorce Parties are now all the rage; Moving Away; Being ‘Sent’ Away; Memorial for a Pet; Second Chance Proms; Perhaps a Post or Pre Boston Marathon or Head of the Charles??

Regardless the occasion, we hope the above list accomplished the goal of generating some fresh ideas, OR that it disrupted what you may have thought was our limited use. Given our insanely affordable prices, coupled with the ability to bring aboard your own food, we can’t really think of a good reason why you might consider having a stuffy expensive event ashore. Imagine this: for short money you could be plying the historic and majestic waters of Boston, watching the sunset, witnessing a schooner sail by, or seeing young people actually talking, and not texting, all night!

Call our Event Specialists today to brainstorm your crazy idea, co-create a workable plan, or to dissuade you from doing a remake of Pirates of Penzance. But be prepared to see ‘hashtag SuperHero’ next to your event pics all over social media that night- and the next day!

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