Class A Features: Europa & Alexander van Humboldt II

Europa & Alexander van Humboldt II

The maritime world is filled with countless vessels including the magnificent Tall Ships which bring us back to olden maritime era. Within Tall ships, there are different classes that each Tall ship can be categorized under. Class A Ships are the creme of the crop and we can certainly expect to see a significant amount of spectators observing these gorgeous ships at Sail Boston 2017. Two world renowned ships that will be making anchor at Boston harbor are the Europa (Netherlands) and the Alexander von Humboldt II (Germany).

The Europa

The Europa is a magnificent 184’ vessel whose home port is Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands. This steel ship was constructed in 1911 in Germany to serve as a lightship; a sentinel alerting vessels to dangerous shoals on the river Elbe. Her considerable beam of 24’ made her quite stable in a seaway, keeping the light lit aloft in weather; no doubt saving many a wayward vessel.

However, in 1986 after decades of dutiful service- and with the advent of technology rendering her role no longer necessary- she was brought to the Netherlands for a complete renovation into a three mast barque. Today the ship is an official sail training vessel, which offers training to young maritime enthusiasts as well as an opportunity for armchair sailors to enjoy a passage at sea.

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This visually stunning vessel was named after the Greek goddess Europa, who was said to be a descendant of the mythical nymph lo transformed into a white heifer. She was a favorite of Zeus’s many love interests and from whom Europe, the continent, was named. It is also understood the constellation Taurus is a tribute to Europa by Zeus. The figurehead at the front of the ship depicting said goddess was replaced in 2010 anew after a voyage in Antarctica damaged the old figurehead of the goddess.

The vessel Europa is an apt tribute to an ancient love story. Just as Zeus fell in love with Europa herself, you too will be entranced by the breathtaking features this sparkling white Class A Tall Ship has to offer. This summer invite romance. Don’t stand in the way of Cupid, get an up-close look at a legendary seductress by booking one of our Tall Ships cruises today!

The Alexander Von Humboldt II

Commonly referred to as to as the Alex-2, this German born sea vessel boasts vibrant green colors that can be seen from afar. It is a massive 3 mast barque ship with the most modern nautical and technical facilities. Like the Europa, the Alex -2 is used primarily as a training vessel for those interested in sailing and learning the ropes of a tall ship. This non-profit vessel under the German foundation Sail Training (DSST) has offered its deck to many participants over the years. Each trainee can expect to be a part of the crew and embark on a unique adventure packed trip, much different than general tourism. Working on the ship gives a trainee the basic concepts of seamanship as well as gaining experience as to what big sailors go through.

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Those curious to the Alex-2 will also find themselves basking in the sun on deck while learning valuable lessons of the sea. What makes the Alex-2 so special is the many opportunities to explore foreign ports, islands, and countries during your voyage. Be on the lookout for the green sails during Sail Boston and enjoy all the maritime fun come June 2017!

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