Every trip to Boston should include not only a leisurely stroll along the narrow botanical pathway known as the Greenway but should also include a pleasant and informative cruise along the cultural rich Blueway! Let me explain why.

Boston is a world-class city, this we know, it’s athletes are without equal (think Tom Brady); it’s restaurants rival those found in Rome (think Nebo); it’s architecture is outstanding (think IM Pei); and it’s people are characters boy are they characters, (think anyone) .

But it’s the view corridors that amuse and delight the most. And those corridors we call ‘ways’. Yes, as in Blueway and Greenway. Think of them as the white space between the musical notes on an operatic score. It’s the place where the mind can be still for a moment, where the eyes may rest pleasantly. Quite often they are also places where one may sit for a while and reflect on all of the other aforementioned features above. If this was Paris it would be where young couples would steal kisses, and seniors would hold hands. If this was Buenos Aires it would be a place where Tango dancers would glide and writers would gloat.

Boston’s corridors provide a glimpse into the past- on a passenger ferry sunset cruise we might imagine seeing Old Ironsides galloping into the harbor under massive sails or tea being thrown overboard by outraged citizens. On a walk-along in the Greenway we can witness a very old city on one side and a very new city on the other. We can honor those lost in the Armenian genocide at a memorial, read stories of immigrants etched in marble pavers or overhear locals discuss history being made, such as the Patriots winning a sixth Super Bowl!

Mass Bay Lines provides narrated tours (mid-day and sunset) every weekend during this autumnal season of changing foliage. Warm, sunny days become cool star-filled nights. This is the weather of romance, of new relationships being formed and old relationships growing deeper. Our cruises overflow not with tourists but rather locals; college students seeking to better understand their adopted city by the sea, empty nesters seeking to rekindle that misplaced spark, retirees looking to gain a fresh perspective or to relax now that the out-of- towners and grandchildren have departed. Corporations use this time to say thank you for working hard over the summer and non-profits take to our boats with their patrons, seeking to better understand their philanthropic priorities.

After 53 years Mass Bay Lines has the winning formula for a good time cruising the Blueway and when preceded with a stroll along the Greenway it will leave one rejuvenated and refreshed. So fill a picnic basket of your favorite things, call a dear friend or unforgotten lover and book your passage today! What the heck, we’ll even throw in a FREE self-guided walk along the adjacent Greenway!