It is Spring, almost. The weather is warm and comforting, all your hard work has paid off and you finally got your hand on that elusive diploma. Celebrate with family and friends on a festive cruise honoring your past accomplishments and future success. Bask in the glory and indulge in Boston’s magnificent skyline as seen from sea.

Honestly, how many diplomas will you receive in a lifetime? This achievement is a pivotal moment in your life and Mass Bay Lines understands this, which is why we encourage you to make it a memorable moment! We’ve been providing affordable graduation cruises for over fifty years. Graduates from almost every college in Boston have hosted an event with us. Why? Because we offer the right-sized ships (motor or sail) that can safely handle both large groups and small, with a la carte services; making MBL the frugal-minded planners FIRST STOP, and often last, when needing a safe, special venue at an almost unbelievable special price.


The night away on one of our charismatic vessels surrounded by good friends, exciting entertainment, and delicious food with panoramic vistas of your adopted city that take your breath away. Sun-setting graduation cruises with Mass Bay Lines are the staple to a perfect celebration for this monumental event in your life. Get your cameras ready, as you will have ample opportunity to capture this rare moment with photographs of Boston’s iconic landmarks providing the perfect time stamp to images that will be viewed again and again throughout your life.

Contact us today or fill out our form to reserve your private charter today! Top the night off with us at sea and celebrate your accomplishment, you deserve it!