There are only a few occasions when one can see an explosion of color over the inner harbor, illuminating the magnificent skyscape of the city; causing everyone to pause and gasp! That occasion is fast upon us! The venerable organization Boston HarborNow, stewards of Boston’s harbor for nearly 25 years, has for the last four years been given rare permission by the City, to host and produce a crowd pleasing fireworks display! It speaks to the value Boston puts on the good work they’ve been undertaking for decades.

Last year during this Labor Day weekend spectacle an estimated 50,000 fireworks enthusiasts stormed the alleys, pubs and docks of Boston’s storied waterfront to witness this outstanding bouquet of pyrotechnics. No one left disappointed. The real winners however were those who elected to see them from the water! One lucky passenger said: “It was as if I was standing beneath a bottle of champagne that had just been corked!”

The charismatic vessels of Mass Bay Lines were made for moments like these. The boats that head out that night have three decks, the uppermost deck also known as the ‘hurricane deck’ is fully exposed, with two lower decks allowing room for people to rest, relax, ruminate under cover. During the course of the cruise most folks will move from one end of the vessel to the other. Regardless of where you sit or stand you will enjoy panoramic views of the harbor, the night sky – and of course: The fireworks!

Here’s what I’d do. First, find a group of friends or make it a date night with your spouse, significant other or college coed with whom you’ve been eager to spend time. Call MBL; buy your tickets ASAP – we do sell out for this perennial favorite. Next I’d pack a picnic basket of sorts, or a backpack or a canvas tote (YES, you can bring your own food aboard an MBL boat!), fill it with yummy things such as cheese, nuts and berries, maybe some fig jam and perhaps some smoked meats of fish! Id’ remember to bring a camera aware that it would need to have a timer for holding open the exposure, and maybe Id’ also pack some silly hats or kazoos or even sparklers!

Boom, you are now not one of 50,000 but rather 1 0f 150 and the views, OMG, incredible. And the beer-cold as ice! If you don’t get a second date after this night consider the local monastery!

Sea you soon!

Thursday, August 31 st , 730-1030pm