My Salty Valentine for DUDES!

Ok this Blog post is for DUDES ONLY

The topic is Valentine’s Day but I’m not going to regale you with historical context, or talk about Sailor’s Tattoos -which I’d enjoy doing. Instead, since I just learned Valentines Day is predominantly (88%) organized and celebrated by those more thoughtful humans also known as women, this is for MEN; Brutish louts who won’t be watching the Pats, or any football, on this day! But should be giddy about the secret date they have quietly planned for their BESTIE:

Blame genetics or evolution, but it seems most men (88%?) are simply not hard-wired that way. (Just to be clear: I’m not a miracle worker or an electrical engineer; the below is a modest effort to reconfigure their wiring, not invent light bulbs). Wish me LUCK! To the many lovely ladies in my life- please excuse my fellow gentlemen. And if my words are a wee bit sexist I apologize in advance. To my guy friends: YOU know I’m speaking the truth!

OK gentle men here’s the TOP TEN reasons you should take the HEART by the horn and plan a GREAT DATE with that AMAZING partner of yours:

1. Who else listens to your sniffles, whimpers and gasps of: “this may be the BIG one” when you simply got the common cold?

2. Who else has organized the last twelve V’Day dates, which, even by your discriminating tastes, were AWEsome?

3. Who else gets up earlier than you, walks the dog, starts the coffee pot, and leaves a fresh towel out by the shower-every day!?

4. Who else has patiently waited for the conversation of a RING, understanding you “need more time”!?

5. Who else seems to miraculously find the sock, watch, car keys (fill in the blank) that you have misplaced for the umpteenth time as if she was trained by the St Bernard Society?

6. Who else takes all the presents you bought for others at the holidays and meticulously wraps them never telling your Mom that you didn’t do it?

7. Who else realizes that the toothpaste, shampoo and toilet paper are almost gone and replenishes before you even realized they were low?

8. Who else pays the bills, organizes the taxes, and visits with the school Principal because Johnny learned a new word? From guess who??

9. Who else plans the holiday trips, scouring the web for cheap seats, haggling with hotels over rates, and making sure you know where your passport is the day before departure?

10. And, besides your chocolate labrador, who else LOVES you passionately, tirelessly, and on most days unconditionally?

So BE spontaneous and Unpredictable!
This year, Feb14th falls on a Sunday, giving you the whole day to: (See below)

Bonus: Some ideas worth doing, and sharing, on social media (hint):

  • Make and serve breakfast in bed, classic YES, but this time include a theatrical performance- lip sync a hit by Beyonce or Calvin Harris! In costume!
  • Get outside, Snow shoe or nordic ski between sculptures or National Parks, the Greenway, North End, or beach walks- Castle Island?
  • Get flowers other than roses- Gerber Daisies are fun, and Casablanca Lilies smell great, The ol’ Iris/Mum/ Tulip combo always a winner.
  • Dinner somewhere unusual (Asian?) unless it’s a long-held favorite. Some of my favorites include: Oya, Blue Dragon, Gourmet Dumpling, Lolitas! ·
  • Oh yeah- jewelry shops always bring smiles… Just saying it has been 18 years, maybe it’s time??
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