Navy Blue Angels, Crimson Red Sails and Shamrock Green Envy

Tall Ships and Blue Angels

With less than two weeks before an armada of Tall Ships sail into Boston’s bucolic harbor it is likely those reading this have already purchased their ten-pack of tix knowing the BEST dates will sell out, perhaps they already have?!

If you have not, let me share with you some tantalizing details that may have you think twice about heading to the Cape for an all too familiar weekend of croquet and sandy egg salad sandwiches surf side.

There are now 55 tall ships committed to making Boston a priority stop en route to Canada. They will gather at harbors edge Friday night in an awe-inspiring anchorage that will send shivers up your spine. Hollywood’s CGI animations or Imax movies pale in comparison to witnessing this extraordinary international fleet aggregated together at harbor side with the sun-setting over the city’s stunning skyline.

Many of these vessels are over 200 feet, some greater than 300 feet; typically when one arrives in port as Mexico’s 270 foot training vessel Cuauhtemoc did several months ago, many urbanites and suburbanites, forgo their usual weekend plans and que up to go aboard, meet the crew, take unforgettable pictures and grab a tasty meal nearby afterwards. When 2 or more show up it gets crowded, fast. It is unfathomable how 55 of these ocean leviathans will impact the imaginations of area maritime enthusiasts but I can tell you this: Most hotels are sold out already. It has been said this will be like hosting a Super Bowl and a World Cup on the same weekend. Estimates of potential visitors now number 4-6 million people. With weather in the seventies and Fathers Day on Sunday why would anyone do anything else BUT take dear old pops on a boat ride?!

Furthermore the Navy’s Blue Angels have agreed to fly overhead just as the USCG Eagle leads the Grand Parade of Sail into Boston’s inner harbor in Saturday morning. This parade will have 14 pods each with 4- 5 vessels in it, there is allowed only 2000 feet between each pod. Incredulously it will last 6 heart- stopping hours. You will not get bored. The international crew will be in uniforms befitting their respective countries- which now number 16, and with code flags flying from the rigging it will reduce people to tears. The world is flat and we are all part of a global community irrespective of the blather we get from nightly news of late.

The Formidable, is one of the prettiest if not largest vessels, at a mere spar length of 72’ it is however Boston’s very own Tall Ship as designated by ASTA, (Association of Sail Training). It is a replica of the pirate ship of similar name from the 18th century. She has a raven black hull and crimson red sails; numbering nine in fact, and is rigged in a manner known as Brigantine. She will be eighth in the Parade, middle of the pack, and considered a lucky number for pirates! She is outstanding given the combination of sail color and number. She is also available for Private Charter or Public Cruises all of that week and beyond! But book soon as her distinction of being Boston’s only tall ship has our phones ringing like lightning in the yardarms.

In short there are many reasons why you should enjoy a Stay-cation in Boston this year, so rather than being shamrock green with envy, share your soon- to-be had-sea stories and watch them wish they had turned over a new leaf!

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