Good News: Hunters Moon (aka Pirates Moon) falls just a few days before All Hallows Eve this year. Even better news is that Halloween is on a Saturday this year! And we all know what that means?! Yes indeed, in addition to howling late night like a wounded cachorro while navigating the vast ocean for your future ex-husband, you also get to sleep in the following day! Trick or Trick, eh?

This year rather than the usual, and predictable, shore-side apple bobbing and trickster treating consider our Ghost Ship and it’s SHIPWRECK theme as an alternative well worth your hard earned candy corn.

Dancing under the moon lit sky, drinking specialty cocktails, and WINNING prizes for this AWEthentic cruise is sure to amuse and possibly even frighten your armchair sailor buddies who not-so-innocently await scary overtures from sea witches, bloody captains, and swaggering wenches.

October 31st Get shipwrecked aboard Mass Bay Line’s “All Hallows Eve” Moonlit cruise!
And remember: Those without costumes will be keel hauled.