Yes, we have heard it before. The BOSS wants a GREAT holiday party; a chance to celebrate the many successes everyone has contributed towards…and it needs to be unique, fun, exciting, classy… and … wait for it… AFFORDABLE. Bah Humbug you think to yourself, better check out employment websites.

What?? ENJOY 15% OFF of hourly charter rate using promo code: CORK. Yes, as in champagne! The stuff you’ll be buying with all the money you saved your company.
Charter rates start at $595.00! Impossible you say. Is this some Back to the Future time warp-a-rama??

She feels it’s a real opportunity to elevate morale while also having a good time. She insists it be something SPECIAL. Something that will reverberate at the water cooler the next day. In fact it has to be TRULY great since investors will be there also and she’s due for a significant increase- if she can demonstrate that the TEAM is cohesive, that they are ready for the next BIG push! Oh, yeah and she’s given you the tiniest budget seen since Winter Olympics Calgary 1988.

Here at Mass Bay Lines we feel your pain. And we want to help. No, we aren’t elves toiling away on a DIY assembly line. But rather event specialists with over 50 years of experience co-creating MEMORABLE and AFFORDABLE events aboard one of our charismatic vessels. For budgets even the MOST frugal reindeer’s could embrace.

So before you buy a sleeve of Red Cups and put a reserve sign on a few park benches near the office, give us a call! Ask for an event evangelist and begin looking for a neighborhood liquor store that stocks Dom Perignon!