Massachusetts Bay Lines has integrated a new set of fun cruises that run once a week on Boston Harbor. We wanted to take some time to dive into our thirsty Thursday cruise. This event is designed for those people that would normally just go to a bar after work for a couple drinks. But what fun is going to the same set of bars each week? Take some time and read 6 reasons why you can’t miss out on our thirsty Thursday cruise.

  • Same-old Same-old: Going out after work on a Thursday for drinks is fun. It is MUCH needed after a strenuous week and it builds up work friendship and comradery. The only problem is that after time, this gets boring. Stop doing the same thing every work week, and do something fun!
  • Beer Variety: Along with a full-service bar available to our cruise guests, you will also have the opportunity to sample featured breweries best ales.
  • Relax: The bar scene can get busy and hectic. Onboard Mass Bay Lines you can sit back, relax and drink your favorite beer with the harbor air flowing through your hair.
  • Live Music: If cruising on a boat with craft beer wasn’t enough, we figured we’d make it a little better. The band, The Dirty Dottie’s is here to play some live music.
  • Location: Mass Bay Lines docks right at Rowes Wharf in Boston. Head right on over after you get out of work!
  • Price:For an hour out on Boston Harbor, you would pay the same amount that many Boston bars require for cover. $14.95 is all that stands between you and the perfect after work activity.
  • For more information about Massachusetts Bay Lines Thirsty Thursday cruises, feel free to give us a call at 617-542-8000.