DiscoTech Boat Party

Massachusetts Bay Lines fourth crazy and fun birthday theme finishes up with DiscoTech! Spice things up and have some fun whether you are having a house party or if you are celebrating on the Boston Harbor with Mass Bay Lines.

Disco as embodied by John Travolta in Saturday Night Live lives on, although barely. The emergence of EDM as the dominant player in the new dance scene has all but erased the last vestiges of bell bottoms, sequins, gold necklaces and big hair. However, rather than following the herd, or nerd, why not lead it?! You guessed it: Yet another blended theme- but this one is sure to leave a mark. The unholy alliance between disco and EDM (electronic dance music) is long overdue and you can establish yourself as the FIRST to pull them together in a way rarely done. Thought Provocateur will be your new moniker.

Are you ready? See below the secrets to fusing with purpose and for success!

Costumes – This is easy right?! Wrong. Costumes here need be more than the usual disco-bespoken since this is a mash-up right? Therefore start with a good base- platform shoes, rhinestoned jeans and leather vests come to mind and then add bling, lots of bling. Preferably the license plate type: Large, typefaced, bold. And Rings, on as many fingers as possible, one being a MOOD ring- of course. Pants should be tight, hems short. The thing about disco was its timing- the sexual revolution was at its peak and the vibe at Studio 54 was sexy, very sexy. Which is different than sexual. So hint, reveal, whisper but don’t shout or give it away like it’s cotton candy. Uniforms, whether nurses or Naval Academy, with a little twist work well here

also, mix it up by overdoing it! The devil is in the details!!

Invites – Old albums come to mind here. Album covers and their extraordinary art were also blooming during the original disco era. Buy one at a cheap album store and photo copy it as the base for an invite inspiration. Or send out some 45’s and use a gold marker to scribble across the front and back the event details. If you simply are having too many guests for this to be reasonable than take a picture of one and post to ONLY a limited number of friends on FB or use Evites and upload your edited artwork and send out. Let people know: ‘There will be Dancing!’

Food – No one eats at these parties. Skip the food and offer instead jello and fruit fondue- with cheese and chocolate being available for dipping. Best fruits include mellons, pears, apples and strawberries.

Music – Olivia Newton John, Abba, BeeGees, Kool and the Gang, Yvonne Elliman DiscoTech Germans love their beer, every child in America learns this in first grade. I’m not sure what the children’s book is but just ask your six year old! However Americans and their off-the-chart interest in craft beer has us in second place for love of hops! So why not, im the age of mergers, disruptions and fusions blend the tow ideas, right?! Imagine a traditional Oktoberfest Beer Hall party but with the discriminating palettes of today’s hipsters- what does that look like? Read on!

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