Oktoberfest Party

Massachusetts Bay Lines themed party ideas aboard a cruise boat have started with a toga party & a pirate party! What else could be next except for an Oktoberfest! Germans love their beer, every child in America learns this in first grade. I’m not sure what the children’s book is but just ask your six year old! However Americans and their off-the-chart interest i craft beer has us in second place for love of hops! So why not, im the age of mergers, disruptions and fusions blend the tow ideas, right?! Imagine a traditional Oktoberfest Beer Hall party but with the discriminating palettes of today’s hipsters- what does that look like? Read on!

Costumes – Lederhosen of course! No Oktoberfest is complete without. And those strange Peter Pan type hats that always have some Partridge feathers extending out of them. For the fairer sex it might be a St Pauli Girl bandana? Blond wigs and pig tails are a must. And for the women Moustaches! Gender bending intended. But if you don’t have suede pants and suspenders at arms-length than consider cut-off jeans, or corduroys and flannel shirts with heavy black boots. Avoid anything Nazi-like: Very not cool.

Invites – This one is easy. Take a case box of your favorite craft beer and cut into 4×6 squares. On the blank side affix the address and the words: Draft Beer Not People. Include FB page and party details. Apply a stamp, mail. Insist they RSVP before a certain date. Have them vote via social media on the Craft Keg that will dominate. Germans and Americans love games- this early competition will set the mood. We will PLAY games. Hint at this in the invite.

Food – Yup, you guessed it: Sausages, potato’s everything- salad, baked, nuggets, etc. And be sure to have at the ready lots of sour stuff. Pickles, olives, sauerkraut, cole slaw, etc. Pretzels make everybody smile- the bigger the better!

Music – Can you say Polka! As you may have noted in previous themes I think a mash up of traditional village folk music and contemporary makes for the most fun. In addition there is certain music which people have long attributed to the German culture- Men At Work, Nena’s 99 Red Balloons, Abba and Bee Gees to name but a few. In addition EDM is hot in Deutschland be sure to include: Pixie Paris. Stereoact and Gestort aber Geil.

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