Five EXCELLENT Reasons you should book your summer ’16 Charter Cruise in April

Five EXCELLENT Reasons you should book your summer 16’ Charter Cruise in April

Mass Bay Lines, a Boston waterfront institution, owns and operates five USCG inspected vessels that gently ply the calm and protected waters of Boston Harbor; some of those vessels are really BIG with the ability to hold almost 375 live music revelers. Others are smaller– perfect for hosting an intimate dinner gathering of 35 or a delirious disco ball for 200. If you are responsible for hosting this summer’s family reunion, birthday bash or corporate retreat please read further to understand better WHY you should plan your special event harbor cruise during the month of April.

5. Supply and Demand – Economics; with 500-600 charters annually we simply can not accommodate everyone’s date-specific requests. If you have a particular date in mind, and like most people it is on a Friday or Saturday night in June, July or August- please call the office today, they sell-out early!

4. Prices – Like most summer seasonal business we tend to offer discounts, vouchers and specials in the Spring so as to jump-start our season. If price is a factor, and for who other than Donald Trump is it not, then please call our office this month and enjoy our BEST prices. Kerry, Lorna and Cap’n Ted are standing by waiting to work with you and your budget so that there is money left over for presents or beverages!

3. SWAN CLUB (aka ‘Sleep Well At Night’) – Peace of mind, at this point in your life, should be paramount. Become a card holding member of SWAN not Procrastinators Unite! I have been a member of both and know first-hand the stress of having waited too long only to find BEST dates, prices, and boats have already left the dock. Get the boat, the price and the tranquility you deserve. Leave the worrying to someone else.

2. Advance Notice – Timing is everything. Everyone has a busy summer calendar, with many competing priorities. Weddings, Bat mitzvahs, Graduations etc. are all calling your name. It fills in quickly, too quickly. But as a Hostess/Host you want your celebration to be TOP priority, to be at capacity, to be Tons of FUN. Yes? Well by booking early and declaring & sharing your special event date earlier than others it will be the A-list crowd you had hoped. (Think: ‘Save the Date’ cards).

1. Number One – It seems that every party planner I’ve ever met is always looking out for others, ensuring their needs are met first. They are natural-born givers, selfless in their approach to almost everything. Yes, YOU. Give yourself a pat on the back! And more importantly give yourself a four-pack of Harbor tour tickets, compliments of Mass Bay Lines for booking your event in April. Sit back, read a book, take some selfies, eat a packed lunch and enjoy the company of 2-3 besties any tour you wish!

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